District teachers are underpaid

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We see many articles in the Loomis news regarding our local school district. However, there seems to be a significant lack of investigative reporting when it comes to district issues. Comments have been removed from articles online which urge local journalist to provide unbiased facts. The following information was easily accessible yet has never been provided to the community. On Jan. 14, 2010, the Sacramento Bee printed a list revealing school districts with the highest non-instructional spending (source: LUSD made the list with 22% of the budget “spent on items not directly related to instruction,” the state’s recommended area for cuts. Our school board is currently in mediation with teachers to significantly cut salaries. LUSD teachers are among the lowest paid in Placer County. The average salary statewide: $66,351. LUSD average: $58,036. Neighboring District’s Average Salary: Eureka, $66,829; Roseville City, $65,725; Rocklin, $62,012; Dry Creek, $61,964; Auburn Union $60,902. Statistics also show neighboring districts spend 84% on Instruction, Instruction Related Services & Pupil Services. This leaves 16% for the non-instructional, administrative expenses. LUSD has 78% / 22% ratio. Is there a reason for this substantial difference? As a community, we should expect journalists to investigate and report facts without bias. Connie Mancasola Granite Bay