Department of Electric Vehicles for Loomis?

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A recent action by the Loomis Town Council allocates $10,000 to $15,000 for an initial planning study for electric vehicle pathways for Loomis senior citizens. With many long-term ramifications, this will require serious study. We are all familiar with the super efficient State of California DMV. Why not have a Loomis DEV ? Department of Electric Vehicles. Some possible areas of study might be to see how limited-income seniors can afford to purchase a $7,500 electric vehicle or how seniors driving them at 25 mph can avoid seniors on bicycles who choose to remain physically active instead. Another, is to pick a public relations firm to convince homeowners to give up all the required land for NEV pathways. Finally, the DEV will need to figure out where the hundreds of thousands of dollars will be found for this massive public works project. These are weighty items that the well-meaning council members might think about before investing your money into one more planning study. Gordon Harris, Loomis