Del Oro girls wrestling team conducting Christmas tree fundraisers

By: Special to the Journal
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In living up to its mission statement of a tradition of excellence, this year’s Lady Eagle wrestling team is creating yet another tradition at Del Oro.

Now entering its third season, the Del Oro girls wrestling team is the one and only all girls team in Placer County, and arguably the largest in the state of California.

Attending a nightly practice reveals something very unique. Rarely does a person see so many teenage girls working as exhaustively and intensely as these young women, but loving — mostly — every minute of it.

The experience of returning wrestlers this year has set the stage for an accelerated learning curve this year. These seven have become athletes/coaches and mentors to the twenty-plus new wrestlers.

In their first tournament this last week, three Lady Eagles walked away with third-place medals and two more with second-place finishes.

This Lady Eagle wrestling team shatters all stereotypes of what type of girl chooses to wrestle. There have been two homecoming queens in the three years since its inception.

Much of the credit for recruiting and retaining so many girl wrestlers goes to Mike Maben, who is that rare coach that can successfully combine fun and discipline. As those who’ve wrestled know, laughter isn’t usually heard at wrestling practice.

Practice for the Lady Eagles is an exception in this regard. Additionally, Maben has surrounded himself with experienced coaches who bring value to the program and help him in his mission to mold these young women into strong, determined, young people who know that they can do tough things.

He firmly believes and is consistently quoting Hall of Fame wrestler and coach, Dan Gable’s motto that “after wrestling, everything else in life is easy.”

On Jan. 18 will be an incredible opportunity to view this tradition as the Lady Eagles will host a competition made up of a collection of all-star female wrestlers from various high schools. In addition, Del Oro will also be hosting its very first Female Wrestling Tournament on Jan. 26.

To help fund such a large team, the Lady Eagle wrestlers will be doing various fund raisers and services for the community.

This year will be their second annual Christmas Tree Pick up drive. To assist all Loomis residents in disposing of their used Christmas trees, the Lady Eagles will come by and retrieve your tree.

If you would like to make an appointment for pickup, or just to contribute, email or call Wade Simmons at 916-508-5108.