Del Oro chefs use skills for a good cause

By: Kelsey Carter, Special to the Loomis News
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As graduation approaches many students at Del Oro High School are contemplating their future. Senior Jacob Chitty knows exactly what he wants to do when he graduates: become a chef. For his senior project, Jacob Chitty and fellow senior Alex Roos decided to prepare gourmet food for the homeless and disadvantaged. They made meals for more than 100 people who were being fed at the First United Methodist Church in Roseville. “I absolutely want to be a chef, so this was great practice. It was an eye-opening experience,” Chitty said. To receive proper training to become a chef, Jacob made it his goal to take every cooking class that there was to offer at Del Oro. “There’s no single aspect of cooking I like most. I love it all, from selecting ingredients, to cooking, and everything in between,” he said. Scott Domeny, culinary teacher at Del Oro, was able to supervise the entire project. “They both did very well. Both of them were able to figure out how much food they needed, put an entire menu together and coordinate with the volunteer organization,” he said. Because of Jacob’s devotion to becoming a chef he wanted to put his skills in the cooking field to the test. During the event Jacob ran into some obstacles that challenged him and taught him more about the demanding tasks of the cooking field. “I never thought we’d dish out so much food in so short a time frame,” he said. Fortunately, Jacob Chitty and Alex Roos were able to depend on different volunteers to make his senior project a success. “Many did come to help prepare and serve the meals. Some were even willing to film and take pictures of the event,” he said. This event took a lot of planning and preparation by Jacob, Alex and the many volunteers who were apart of this event. “Feeding a large group of people is more of a task than one might presume,” Jacob said. However, the noble task was was something that Jacob and Alex were able to handle and able to complete successfully.