Del Oro braces for track circus

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By: Dave Krizman Journal Sports Columnist
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The 43rd annual Del Oro Invite will be held this Friday at Del Oro High. For those who have never attended a high school track meet of this size, it is the closest thing to a three-ring circus that you’ll find.
According to first-year head coach Dustin Fee, there will be 27 teams competing. Fee, a 2002 graduate of Placer High, is blessed with infinite energy and optimism.
“I love the involvement with the coaches in this program,” he said. “Coaches Kevin Ostenberg, Jake Hardey, Lee Cedana and Candace Bailey are a good staff. I have enjoyed getting to know the kids, learning what they want and what their goals are. It has been fun watching the program.”
Fee, the son of Placer head cross country coach Randall Fee, has big plans for the Del Oro Invite. He hopes to see it grow into more than a one day track meet.

American River 50: Auburn’s moniker “The Endurance Capital of the World” was never in more evidence than this past Saturday. The finish line of the American River 50 was at the Auburn Overlook.
There, runners who started their 50-mile ordeal near Sacramento State gratefully ended their race. One of those finishers was a well known and highly respected Auburn doctor. Many of you may remember Rick Roehrkasse, who was a G-I doctor for UC Davis Medical.
Retired for a little over four years, Roehrkasse has taken up long distance running with a passion. Since his retirement, he has run two California International Marathons, two Boston Marathons, the Way Too Cool 50K in March, and now the American River 50. He completed the 50 miles in 11 hours and three minutes, missing the cut-off time to qualify for the Western States 100 by a mere three minutes.
“The low point of the race was when I made the climb up the hill near Beal’s Point next to Folsom Lake,” Roehrkasse said.” There, on the ground was a marker indicating I had run 26 miles, the distance of a marathon, and I realized I had another 24 more miles to go.”
“It is a spectacularly run event, and everyone associated with the event is so helpful.”

USD cheating scandal touches home: Two former players and one former coach and seven others have been arrested by the FBI for their involvement in a point-shaving scandal while they played or coached basketball at the University of San Diego.
While this might seem like news that has no connection to our community, it has indirectly touched us. Devin Ginty, a 2007 graduate of Colfax High, played four years for the program. A walk-on in the fall of 2007, Ginty quickly became one of the team leaders, and the following year received a scholarship.
Of all the players who arrived that year, Ginty was the only player to remain in the program all four years. During those four years, he was the foundation of that team. All involved in the scandal have been arrested; however, Ginty was interviewed by the FBI because he did play on the team.
Needless to say, Ginty has every right to be angry at those who were involved.
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