Couple admits to being raving Del Oro fans

By: Sara Seyydin Journal staff writer
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This is the first in a five-part series on parent fans as high school football teams go into playoffs. Look for profiles of fans from these schools in upcoming editions of the Journal. Sunday- Placer Monday- Bear River Tuesday- Colfax Wednesday- Foresthill Name: Cindy and Daniel Soldano Occupation: Cindy — personal trainer and wellness educator, Daniel — electrical contractor and Realtor Player’s name, team and number: Austin Soldano, varsity, No. 7, free safety; Colton Soldano, freshman, No. 20, cornerback; Cameron, varsity, No. 34, graduated in 2011 Q: Why do you love going to the Del Oro games? A: C-“I just think being a raving fan for not just our boys, but for all the kids on the team. The excitement of sitting with friends from Rock Harbor Church. The friends, the relationships, it seems like you can’t walk up the stairs without running into a friend from the community. We got to see the cheer squad grow over the years. A lot of our friends have daughters on the cheer team. I think just the team spirit coming out of an amazing cheer squad. Austin and Colton’s coaches, they are just so excited to see their athletes who do dual sports. The most important thing to our family is God and Rock Harbor Church. We all kind of sit together. It’s pretty neat when spiritually you are all connected to the team.” Q: What do you do to show your spirit for the team? A: C- “One thing that we do, we actually did this for Cameron when he was still at Del Oro, we made breakfast every Friday morning for about 60 players. It’s Austin’s last year, so we volunteered along with Evan Hallerton. There is a team of 10 men and women, who are also raving fans. The kids sing the fight song for us at the end of every breakfast. They are all very cordial. We feel good that we are giving them a nutritious meal. We are some of the loudest fans. Sometimes we’ll have tailgate parties. There are even some of our friends that don’t have kids that play. We’ll be working on the floats for homecoming and we will with all our sons. We live vicariously through our kids sometimes. The most important thing is just teaching the boys to fuel their bodies for peak performance. D- “A couple weeks ago Greg Krieger asked me to give a talk on respect, to encourage the boys to be on their best behavior, a lot of character stuff. We not too long ago, about six months ago, started a company called Lifetime Legacy. The slogan is ‘Capturing Life’s Most Precious Moments.’ It’s a customized digital shadow box with a digital TV display. The first one I bought was for the (2010 Del Oro Varsity Section) championship team. Our friends, Doug Cosbie, who was a Dallas Cowboy tight end for 10 years, and his wife Sherry, wanted to be one of the sponsors. Obviously, our son Cameron was on that team, but it was more about how they came back and pulled together. There was a lot of frustration early in the season when they lost some games and criticism of the coaching staff. The boys really came together through the support of the coaches. The box is a story for those boys, but also a story for future teams to show them they can overcome insurmountable odds, if they work hard and don’t give up. Wendy O(‘Sullivan) took thousands of pictures for the team that she let us use for it. She does it all for free. She puts all the proceeds back into the football program. It’s basically a shadow box that is really of the 21st century. I’ve put a television set in there and it rotates about 1,000 pictures. It’s everyone, from the coaches, to the players, to the staff. It’s all custom painted and custom airbrushed. It’s about 4 by 4. It’s just something we hope will really show what that season was about. Q: What game or moment has been your favorite so far this season? A: C- You know, for me, Homecoming will be huge, but the first game of the season, it is such a good feeling when we are getting our gear back out and are driving up to Del Oro and walk up under the arches. Our son has gotten several interceptions already and I know our younger son, we feel he is very gifted. He is injured already, though. They both love football and love basketball, too.” D- “I think it has to be two weeks ago at Rocklin I was honored to speak about that word respect. They gave me a sideline pass to watch it down on the field. I got to really hear all the coaching and all the hits. I could walk up and down the field the whole time. You don’t get to go down on the field all the time as a parent. Austin got a nice interception that night.” Q: How does your life change during football season? How much of your time is dedicated toward it? A: C- “It’ll be a sad day when our youngest son graduates from DO, but we are hoping at least one go on to play in college. Right now our house is usually full of our kids’ friends, anything we can do to help out the team. Most of our friends are from our kids playing sports. I just think it was never as competitive as it is now. They are pushed to the max. They have to practice really hard to stay competitive, and then they need to their homework. I thought, we need to do something to help them out. Daniel and I make Austin his power shakes early. Our nights will go until 11 at night because we have families and other obligations as well. We make sure they’ve got lunches made. We’re more tired, but come Friday, you forget about that tiredness, but it’s all adrenaline. D- “The sports consume our family and always have, but I know for myself, I look forward to every Friday night, whether its football, baseball or basketball. It’s something that as a parent you’d give up almost everything to go to every single game. Time goes so fast.” Q: What is your favorite phrase, chant or cheer that you like to shout out during games? A: C- “Mine would be the fight song. I think that song says a lot, not only is it the vision of the Del Oro football team and it’s a huge statement win or lose — and we’ve experienced loss. No matter what they sing that with their helmets held high and their chins held high.” D- “For me, it’s I think it was Cameron that brought a T-shirt home and there was writing on the back that said, ‘Want some? Come get some.’ It’s just a great slogan because that is what I feel about the whole team. They are ready for a fight anytime, every Friday night.”