Council should print its actions

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There is a legal term called "in pleno lumine" which means quite literally, in the light of day or in public. At the last council meeting there was no news reporter in attendance. I have a problem with this because this meeting was very important and therefore newsworthy. Two council actions of particular importance need to be discussed. First, the council voted to sign a resolution against Prop 26. A no vote on Prop 26 will eliminate the "unconstitutional" (per Mayor Liss) 2/3 vote requirement to pass a tax and allows fees, fines and penalties to be assessed without defining them as "taxes.” Secondly, the council voted in favor of paying a 70% cost overrun on consultant fees for the Downtown Park. This cost overrun came to a tidy $36,000 and it passed with very little discussion. The problem is, the council considered the cost overrun a "learning experience" for them and suggested they pay more attention in the future. Great. So much for experience. I suggest that in the future, a record of the council’s actions be printed in the paper, every month. We need to have the council accountable to the people of Loomis. Vic Markey, Loomis Candidate for town council