Council seats members, committees

Ucovich, Scherer seated despite lingering term-limits questions
By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Staff Writer
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The Loomis town council has seated its newly elected members and approved committee appointments, despite unanswered term-limit questions. Rhonda Morillas was seated as the new mayor on Dec. 14, and Sandra Calvert, Miguel Ucovich and Walt Scherer took the oath of office. Calvert serves as the mayor pro tem because she received the highest number of votes, 1,648, in the November election. When Calvert becomes mayor next December, Scherer will move up to the mayor pro tem position because he received the second highest number of votes at 1,191 votes. Morillas serves as mayor because she received the second highest amount of votes in the 2008 election. Calvert is serving her first term on council, while Ucovich has served for 12 years and Scherer for 20 years. Dave Larsen, town attorney, said he is in the process of filing a lawsuit with the state Attorney General to determine if Ucovich and Scherer should remain on council after the term limits initiative was passed by voters, but the two were also re-elected. According to Larsen, the term limits initiative contains two retroactive legal issues that must be sorted out by a neutral third party. In the meantime, Ucovich and Scherer continue to serve. During the meeting, Morillas made recommendations for council committee assignments assignments that were approved by the council. “I kept mostly the same people on the committees because they have a history and know the projects being worked on. I kept people where I knew they would be happy,” Morillas said. Gary Liss will serve on the Placer County Economic Development Commission, and the Borders Committee. Ucovich will represent the town with the county Transportation Planning Agency and Local Agency Formation Commission and county Air Pollution Control District. Scherer will sit on the Sacramento Area Council of Governments and be the ex-officio representative to the Placer Land Trust. Morillas will serve on the Borders Committee and the Downtown Business Committee. New councilmember Calvert will also serve on the Downtown Business Committee. According to Perry Beck, town manager, most of the attendees at Placer County committee meetings and the Sacramento Area Council of Governments meetings receive a stipend of $100 per meeting. The county Economic Development Commission does not pay a stipend. Morillas said, “Stipends cover driving time and expenses to attend the meetings and the time you spend there. Some people have to take off work to attend them.” Morillas also said some scheduled committee meetings are cancelled if there are no business items on the agenda. “The Placer County Flood Control District meetings are scheduled to meet monthly, but half of the meetings are cancelled. They won’t meet unless there is a reason to,” Morillas said. ------------------------------- 2011 LOOMIS TOWN COUNCIL Mayor: Rhonda Morillas Mayor pro tem: Sandra Calvert Gary Liss Miguel Ucovich Walt Scherer Council pay: $4,600 annually, no retirement, plus any county committee meeting stipends 2011 COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS Placer County Committees — Flood Control/Water Conservation District: Rhonda Morillas, $100 per meeting stipend, meets monthly Transportation Planning Agency: Miguel Ucovich, meets monthly, $100 per meeting stipend Community Services: Sandra Calvert, meets monthly, $100 per meeting stipend Air Pollution Control District: Ucovich, meets six times per year, $100 per meeting stipend Local Agency Formation Commission: Ucovich, $100 per meeting stipend, met 9 times in 2010 Economic Development: Gary Liss, meets bimonthly, no stipend Mosquito Abatement: Russ Kelley, citizen representative, meets once a month, $100 per meeting stipend Area Committees — Sacramento Area Council of Governments: Walt Scherer, meets monthly, $100 per meeting stipend Placer Land Trust ex-officio representative: Scherer, meets monthly, no stipend Loomis Committees — Borders: Morillas and Liss, meets occasionally, no stipend Downtown Business: Morillas and Calvert, meets occasionally, no stipend