Council made right decision

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I would like to commend the Town Council for their unanimous decision to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in Loomis. It was important that the entire council came together and dealt with this threat in a clear and decisive manner. The proponents for the sale of dope say it will help revenue, sick people, and that crime will not be a factor, while the police officers tell us our youth will be the ones who suffer. Speaking at the meeting was a board member from the Loomis School District. He said there was drug activity at the schools and thinks the town and schools should work together to address this problem. My recommendations to the council are: Ban the cultivation of marijuana in Loomis, ban dispensaries, work with the schools, the sheriff’s department and concerned citizens. Assemble a task force to address this problem. In Loomis, people are separated by one issue and that issue is development. Friendships, alliances and disagreements are formed and lost around this one issue. It’s time we moved beyond divisiveness. We need leaders who will work together for the benefit of the whole community and not the special interests. We need leadership that brings people together. Vic Markey Loomis