Council has acted in town's 'best interests'

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It seems as if some people want to have you believe that our present town council is hell bent on development. If you will look at the record, you’ll find that this council has acted in the best interests of the town in spite of all the comments of special interests. Rhonda Nelthorpe Morillas is a lifelong resident of this community and a business owner, too. She has always done what was best for the town. I’ve known her and her family since she was a child, and her family has always supported the town and its residents. I’ve known Tom Millward for over 18 years, and know that he is honest and forthright and cares about this town in which his grandkids are growing up. As a former law enforcement officer, he has pretty good credentials as far as I am concerned. He has proven that he wants Loomis to be the best place in the world for families to live and work. As someone with deep roots in this town (my great grandfather came here in 1902, and my mother was born in a house on Taylor Road in 1921), I’m offended when people who have live here a short time can find nothing but fault with our council. This town has grown over the last 50 to 60 years, but not like the towns surrounding us. Let’s keep good people on our council and not be swayed by unsupported claims that they do not support our small-town atmosphere. I’m voting for Rhonda Morillas and Tom Millward because I know where they stand. Don Fisher Loomis