Council denies Montserrat appeal, will hear two others

By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Staff Writer
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With three appeals on their agenda for their July 8 meeting, the Loomis Town Council voted to deny the Montserrat tree plan appeal made by Councilman Walt Scherer, but voted to hear an appeal on Brace Road Estates and on Morgan Estates. After public comment and council discussion, the council voted 3 to 2 not to hear Scherer’s appeal of the Montserrat Oak Mitigation and Monitoring Plan. Scherer had said the plan set “precedence” and that it could be improved with council review. Councilman Tom Milward made the motion that the council not hear the appeal and Councilwoman Rhonda Morillas seconded it. Council members Milward and Morillas, along with Mayor Russ Kelley, voted to deny the appeal while Scherer and Miguel Ucovich voted in favor of a hearing on the appeal. Crickett Strock, town clerk, said she cannot remember an appeal that the council refused to hold a hearing on. Residents living near Brace Road Estates had appealed a planning commission decision on drainage for the property, but the surfacing of new information along with recommendations from two planning commissioners spurred the council to hear the appeal at their August 12 meeting. Council also chose to hear an appeal made by Scherer on a clustered housing development called Morgan Estates to discuss the open space portion of the development. That hearing is also slated for the August meeting.