Cost of special election would be a waste

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The Town of Loomis has one of the best managed budgets of any city in California. While other cities, towns and counties are cutting back on services, laying off employees and reducing office hours, our town is investing in our downtown and our future. The reason our Town is financially healthy is because the Town has been very careful and lived within its means. But money is still tight, as we all have been affected by the downturn in the economy. There is a proposal circulating to hold a Special Election in Loomis to enact term limits for Town Council elections. According to the Town Clerk, the cost of such a Special Election could be as much as $24,000. Loomis residents should not have to pay the unnecessary cost of a Special Election. If proponents of term limits want to promote such an initiative, it should be held in November 2010, the next regularly scheduled Town election. Gary Liss Loomis