Clustered housing subdivision approved, then appealed

Morgan Estates subdivision would be first of its kind in Loomis
By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Staff Writer
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For the first time, the Loomis Planning Commission approved a clustered housing subdivision, but that decision has now been appealed to the town council. At its June 17 meeting, the commission unanimously voted in support of the proposed Morgan Estates project on Saunders Avenue. However, on June 27, that vote prompted town councilman Walt Scherer, who lives near the site, to appeal the commission’s approval of the project. According to Perry Beck, Loomis town manager, the appeal process takes at least two meetings. He said council will consider the appeal at their July 8 meeting, review the report on the planning commission decision, take public comment and decide whether to uphold the commission’s decision or hold a public hearing. If council decides to hear the appeal, they’ll then choose a hearing date. At the hearing the council will decide whether to approve, modify and approve, or deny the decision. Scherer said that he wants the council to review the plan to ensure “oversized homes on little, tiny postage-stamp sized lots” are not built. Scherer wants the council to review the drainage plan and to look at other options for preserving the open space parcel rather than have it be controlled by the homeowners association. Look online soon for more information. ¬— Joyia Emard