Clover Valley's open space must be saved

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As Rocklin bulldozes every square inch, saving a few perfunctory wetland or creek setback scraps as token mitigation (with the city council giving green Cheshire cat smiles over their pseudo conservation leanings), Clover Valley remains the best and last intact ecologically fragile and diverse open space that can be found (or not found with its steep slopes protecting it from surrounding urban sprawl). The fight to save Clover Valley is not so much about stopping the once-rampant development stampede in the region but more about saving something so unique and environmentally critical that bulldozing it is simply wrong and unacceptable. Creek pollution, wetlands fill, tree removal, archeological district destruction, historical loss, wildlife habitat annihilation, etc., is bad enough; but piling on huge traffic increases and even more air quality impacts, to mention just a couple, makes Clover Valley’s development proposal something no intelligent community or region should ever support. What ever happened to visionary leaders? Jim Cather Loomis