Close call: Auburn car salesman breaks bones instead of own motorcycle world speed record

By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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Rocky Robinson’s quest to crack the 400 mph mark on a souped-up motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah have taken a major setback. Robinson pencil-rolled his Top 1 Ack Attack motorcycle at least 15 times during a shakedown run Sept. 19. Speaking Monday after returning with several broken bones from a Salt Lake City hospital, the Magnussen Auburn Toyota auto salesman said it’s still up in the air whether he’ll go back to motorcycle time trials. A CT Scan on his spine revealed no fractures but Robinson said he broke his shoulder in two places as well as a clavicle. “I’m busted up a bit,” Robinson said. “I’m hoping to find out more when I visit my orthopedic surgeon.” Robinson and his crew were taking part in the first day of competition at the Landspeed Shootout and was doing a shakedown ride at 100 mph when the crash occurred. “I lost control in some bad salt,” Robinson said. “The bike tumbled and pencil-rolled 15-20 times.” The motorcycle – which reached a world record in 2010 at 394 mph with Robinson onboard – was damaged and the extent of work to restore it is still undetermined. Robinson spent an anxious two-hour, 100-mile drive in an ambulance strapped to a backboard to get to hospital in Salt Lake City. He’s been in crashes before, including one going more than 300 mph in 2007 that he walked away from. “As far as me doing it again, it’s yet to be determined,” Robinson said, who added that his wife is concerned about any future injuries. Robinson said he’ll be back on the job at the Highway 49 dealership as soon as he’s able. He’s worked there for the past 3½ years.