Clean out closets for Del Oro pool

By: Leah Rosasco, Loomis News Correspondent
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Del Oro Pool Donation Drive

What: Collecting usable clothing, shoes, furniture, small working appliances, books, bedding, working electronics and more

When: Through March15; 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday; 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday

Where: ReUseIt Drive-Thru Donation Station, 4395 Rocklin Road, Rocklin

Information:, 765-0086, or (877) 738-7348

Loomis Basin Education Foundation Donation Drive

What: Collecting usable clothing, shoes, furniture, small working appliances, books, bedding, workingelectronics and more

When: 9 .am. - 1 p.m., Saturday, April 20

Where: Loomis Grammar School, 3505 Taylor Road

Information:, or (877) 738-7348


Cleaning out your closets could help build the Del Oro High School pool.

Roseville-based ReUseIt is a local company established to help nonprofit organizations raise funds. Groups can hold drives to collect thrift store items without having to worry about how to transport them.

Friends of the Del Oro pool is holding a 2-week drive where items delivered to the ReUseIt location on Rocklin Road in Rocklin will benefit the new pool with cash.

Wendy Steinmetz, of Loomis, is a co-owner of ReUseIt and Sacramento-area Thrift Town stores. ReUseIt continually supports Big Brothers and Big Sisters and now the company is looking to increase its giving power in the Loomis community.

“Every two weeks, the donation drive will benefit a different charity and our very first two-week drive will benefit the Del Oro pool project,” Steinmetz said.

The Del Oro pool donation drive runs through March 15.  Items delivered to the donation station are weighed and measured and a cash donation will be made to the Friends of the Del Oro Pool based on the amount of items received at the end of the drive.

“The more people donate, the more money they will receive,” Steinmetz said. “There is a potential for this fundraiser to generate thousands of dollars, people just need to drop off their stuff.”

Grace Kamphefner, chairperson for Friends of the Del Oro Pool, said she is excited that ReUseIt selected the pool for its first two-week donation drive, adding that it is the perfect time of year for the drive.

“Everyone is instinctually thinking about spring cleaning so it’s definitely great timing,” Kamphefner said.

Apparently Kamphefner’s efforts to spread the word have been effective. Robin Stanley made the trip from Citrus Heights to Rocklin to drop off several bags of donations. Stanley said she learned about the drive from a woman in her book club.

“I know nothing about Del Oro, but it’s important to support kids and schools so I wanted to help,” Stanley said.

ReUseIt accepts usable clothing, shoes, furniture, small working appliances, books, bedding, working electronics and much more.

Carolyn Petree, of Loomis, is ReUseIt’s community development coordinator. Petree said the fundraiser is a winning solution for everyone as there’s no cost to participate; it benefits the environment by keeping useable items out of land fills; and it provides much-needed cash to organizations and charities.

“There are so many different benefits from just this one fundraiser,” Petree said. “It’s a really great program.”

ReUseIt offers local charities and nonprofit organizations three options for a donation-drive fundraiser. Besides the two-week drive, groups can hold a one-day donation drive at their school or have a donation drop box at their location for soft goods, which includes clothing, shoes, bedding and stuffed animals as opposed to furniture and small household appliances.

Petree, who is also president of the Loomis Basin Education Foundation, said ReUseIt will accept donations of clothing and household goods at this year’s LBEF E-waste drive on April 20, at Loomis Grammar School.

“We felt that it just made sense to combine our e-waste drive with a donation drive,” Petree said. “This way people can drop off all their unwanted household items and electronic waste in one place at one time.”

In the future, ReUseIt hopes to expand into new territories throughout the country, but for now Steinmetz said they are thrilled to be supporting charities and nonprofits in Loomis.

“This is our home and supporting groups in our own community is what we are all about,” Steinmetz said. “We are so happy to be able to make a difference starting in our own back yard.”