Citizens: It's time to get involved

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At first, I wasn’t for or against Measure A, but after reading the newspaper articles and letters to the editor I changed my mind. It looks like the only people that are against Measure A are the four councilmembers and their groupies compared to over 1,100 voters who signed the initiative to put it on the ballot. I believe Measure A would be of benefit to Loomis because the career politicians tend not to represent the citizens’ needs or wants, developing the attitude that they don’t have to listen to the to the voters. They vote for their own special interest, which includes: Taking away your property rights one at a time. Planning to take more after this election. Buying acres of new land for open space and parks, without having the funds to build parks or maintain the open space. Running off new potential small businesses by putting numerous conditions to be completed before they can open, costing some over $100,000. The numerous restrictions they put on established businesses and potential new business causes them to relocate in other jurisdictions at the cost of jobs and income for Loomis. Citizens, it’s time to get involved. Gary Sypnicki, Loomis