Citizens concerned for Loomis

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The Concerned Citizens for Loomis,, are enormously dissatisfied with the recent decision of the Planning Commission to saddle the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, with overly excessive fees to remove trees from their property in order to build their Priory. We believe that the fees were inaccurately calculated and illogically defined. These astronomical fees are unjustly punitive. The Concerned Citizens for Loomis are also considerably dismayed at the Loomis Town Council’s decision to turn the Heritage Park property into a combined tree mitigation bank and preserve. Initially, when the Town of Loomis decided to purchase this property, it was to be held as an investment with the intention to sell the property at a later date when the real estate market improved to increase our Town reserves. Now, with our reserves rapidly depleting, the Council wants to use it as a financial liability, costing us untold amounts of money in the future. There are many unanswered questions regarding this decision that should have been answered before the decision was made. “The cart was put before the horse” on this process for some unknown reason. We hope that the Council and Planning Commission will reconsider their decisions. Sonja Cupler, Leader Concerned Citizens for Loomis