Check out the Blue Goose for food, fun on May 15

By: Martha Garcia, Loomis News Editor
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For more than eight years, people from throughout the region have gathered under one roof in Loomis. The roof, by no coincidence is blue, and it covers the Blue Goose Produce Shed. Week after week, and weekend after weekend, area residents have come to the former fruit-packing shed on Taylor Road to eat, drink and be merry. It’s also where they’ve gotten together for solemn occasions, such as memorials. More often it’s been for happier reasons like weddings and receptions. The “Goose” is a place to hold crab feeds, spaghetti dinners, breakfasts, concerts, dance shows, poetry shows, quilt shows, craft shows, blood drives, bingo games, tea parties, and any event organizations can think of to raise money. What’s particularly notable about the Blue Goose Fruit Shed is that the renovation of the historic building has been a community-wide project, spearheaded by its owner, the non-profit South Placer Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation has raised over $1 million in donations, materials and in-kind services. Individuals, businesses, benefactors, service organizations and community groups and clubs have dug deep into their pockets and contributed their hard work to help turn the 65-year-old building into a unique event center complete with a stage, state-of-the art lighting and sound systems, tables and chairs, a caterer’s kitchen and heating and air-conditioning systems. If you’ve driven by the fruit shed, you can’t have missed the building’s blue roof, completed in 2008 at a cost value of $150,000. Since the Loomis News office is located in the fruit shed, I’m particularly grateful that we no longer have to dodge the rain that used to make its way through the leaky roof on wet days. If you’ve never been to an event at the Blue Goose, now’s the time to fix that. At 5:30 p.m. this Saturday, May 15, the Heritage Foundation will put on the Blue Goose Food Extravaganza. “Food Ex” is the new name for the celebrity chef dinner held in past years. For the dinner, your friends and neighbors — the celebrity chefs — will generously serve you finger foods, salads, soups, pastas, casseroles, chicken dishes, seafood, and a huge variety of beef, pork and lamb entrees. There will also be more desserts than you can possibly ever want. The $25 entry fee not only allows you to sample all of those wonderful delicacies, it also supports the continuing renovation of the Blue Goose. Proceeds will go toward the replacement of the flooring, planned for June. As quaint as the original wood floor in the Blue Goose may be, it has become so worn and deteriorated in some areas that repairs can no longer be made. The Heritage Foundation board has selected a distressed oak material that will fit in with rest of the building’s wood décor. Randy Elder, president of the Heritage Foundation board, said a local contractor has been selected to do the floor work. “We’re committed to making sure that we maintain the rustic character of the Blue Goose and the warm hues that exist with the old rough-hewn wood,” Elder said. “The projected cost is around $40,000, of which we’ve raised approximately half. We are hoping that this year’s culinary extravaganza is successful enough that will we will raise most of the rest of what we need for this project.” This weekend, enjoy wonderful food, visit with your family and neighbors, meet up with old and new friends, and contribute to this worthwhile community project. Life in Loomis doesn’t get any better than this.