Charity League gives back to community

By: Stephanie Garcia Loomis News Correspondent
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Any charity will tell you that volunteering matters; any mom will tell you time spent with her teenage daughter matters. Now, some local mothers are doing both as they’ve united with their daughters by forming the South Placer chapter of National Charity League, Inc. The 50-year-old parent organization offers mother-daughter memberships where girls gain leadership skills, spend time with their mothers and learn about volunteering and philanthropy. Granite Bay resident Cynthia Hubner started the South Placer chapter in March. With an already-established chapter in Granite Bay, Hubner chose a name to encompass a larger area. “Our membership is open for all of South Placer County so we can attract a larger community of mothers and daughters.” Hubner said. Hubner said the chapter gives support to many local institutions including Susan G. Komen, The Linus Project, Junior Diabetes Research Foundation, The Gathering Inn, Kaiser Permanente, and Keaton Raphael Memorial Foundation. Hubner said her group wants to provide support and assistance on a weekly and monthly basis to the charities. Hubner’s 15-year-old daughter, Hannah, is a sophomore at Del Oro. She said that since joining the group, she has learned a lot about helping others. “There are so may people in the Sacramento area that live in poor housing and bad conditions. I never knew there was this kind of poverty right near my own community,” Hannah said. Loomis resident and South Placer Chapter’s Vice President of Patroness Activities, Julia Berry, and her two daughters, Emma, 16, and Gracie, 15, recently joined the organization as a way to spend more time together and to help those in need. “I really enjoy the relationships we build with others while selflessly serving those in need throughout our community,” said Berry. “NCL principles are in line with our family's philosophy of how to raise our daughters.” Gracie Berry, a Del Oro junior, said she enjoys the friendships she is making through the organization. “I like meeting people I normally wouldn't have met,” said Gracie. “Most of the girls go to different schools.” Joining the group is usually reserved for candidates who are sponsored by current members, and then drawn for eligibility. “Normally, you must be recommended and sponsored by two current NCL chapter members that are in good standing,” said Hubner. “Your application is reviewed and then placed with other applicants of the same age/grade level as your daughter. Depending on the number of spots open in each grade, you are then ‘drawn’ for the membership spot.” The exception to this is the chapter’s formation year, or first year. “This year, we are in ‘open membership’ and will take qualified members in any grade level that is not currently full,” said Hubner. The South Placer County chapter is currently open to any mothers who have daughters in grades seven to 12 in the South Placer County region. Aside from monthly meeting obligations, members are expected to pay membership and annual dues when joining the NCL. However, any mother and daughter team may apply for membership. “As long as you understand and agree to the yearly financial and monthly hour commitment, you are welcome to apply,” said Hubner. Hubner takes pleasure in the time she is able to spend with her daughter. “There is no other organization that fosters the mother/daughter bond like NCL does,” said Hubner. “Our three pillars of focus in leadership, philanthropy and cultural experiences have given me the opportunity to work along side by side with my daughter while helping those less fortunate.” For more information, visit