Charges are fabricated

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I was appalled to hear Gary Liss charge Dave Wheeler and Rhonda Morillas with being supported by “big developers” to bring big box stores to Loomis, and trying to get a Council majority in order to wreck our General Plan. All pure fabrications. I checked. No developer money – not a dime says Dave. No Plan changes, and small business, not big box. Gary also supports high tree fees. While Rhonda, Miguel Ucovich, Hazel Hineline and Walt Scherer were on the Council that passed the 200-page Zoning Ordinance, the first three did not realize at the time that the complex formulas buried there meant massive tree fees, and they want reasonable revisions. But Gary is happy to charge the nuns $660,000 and asked the Council on July 10 to put that amount into this year’s tree fund budget. As to other lies circulating, no, Dave Wheeler does not want gated communities in Loomis. No, Dave does not want low-income apartments in Heritage Park, just the medium income houses – think teachers, and our kids – already planned for there. He will be careful with your money and your property rights. Keep Rhonda in office and vote Dave in, too. Jean Wilson, Loomis