Chamber open to all views

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In response to, "Chamber needs to check policy” (Reader Input, Oct. 14) by Larry DuBois: I can't speak to past positions of the Loomis Chamber of Commerce. However, since joining in 2008, we’ve had no rule restricting political parties from having a booth at the Eggplant Festival. Larry mentioned he "heard it through the grapevine that politics were not allowed at this year’s festival." That grapevine was incorrect, and we certainly do not try to stifle citizens from registering to vote or take part in the political process as suggested in his letter. I was empathetic to most of Larry’s concerns, based on his perception that the chamber was restricting certain viewpoints. I believe a strong democracy needs opposing viewpoints aired so that an educated decision can be made by the voters. However, his final comment that, "one would think the chamber is Un-American,” is something I take issue with. Our chamber is comprised of good people from all walks of life and political views, who care a great deal about our community and our nation. I consider his comment a cheap shot from a disgruntled individual who apparently knows little about our organization or its members. Bob Ferreira, President Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce