Chamber needs to check policy

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Several years ago, the Republican Party conducted voter registration at the Eggplant Festival. Being the chairperson of the local Democratic Party at the time, I applied for a booth the following year. I was told by the Loomis Chamber of Commerce political parties were not allowed at the festival. When I mentioned the Republican table the year before, they snapped, “We changed the rule.” I applied over the next few years and was met with the same roadblock. I was shocked the following year when Rhonda Morillas and Tom Millward campaigned for town council in a double-wide space in the center of Loomis Station, while candidate Gary Liss campaigned from a booth he purchased for his business. So, imagine my dismay when I saw the Tea Party Patriots in full regalia at this year’s Eggplant Festival! I heard it through the grapevine that politics were not allowed at this year’s festival either. I am not that naïve to not know that most chambers lean to the right, but their action is blatantly transparent. Is the Loomis Chamber of Commerce trying to stifle citizens from registering to vote and taking part of the political process? One would think the chamber is “Un-American.” Larry DuBois, Loomis