Is Candy a hoax?

By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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Some residents are now considering a missing Meadow Vista anaconda a hoax. Residents became concerned early last week when they noticed several fliers along Combie Road describing Candy, an anaconda who had supposedly gone missing in the area. The flier said the snake didn’t like small children or animals, and that people should stay away from her because she could attack. The number listed at the bottom of the flier was disconnected. Monya Logan, a Meadow Vista resident, said she decided to investigate the possible joke by searching Yahoo Images for photos of anacondas. “My coworker and I are kind of nosey like that,” Logan said. “We were talking about the fliers because we both have kids in town. I thought to myself, ‘I wonder if I can find the picture on the flier, because then I’ll know it’s a joke.’” When Logan immediately found the same photograph used on the flier, she said she came to the conclusion that the missing snake is just a joke. “That kind of told me these are bored summertime kids just looking to get peoples’ attention,” she said. “I don’t think there are a ton of snake lovers in the area, but there could be, I don’t know.” Tim Goffa, Supervisor of Placer County Animal Services, said Friday the agency hasn’t received any further calls or questions about the snake. Combie Road resident Lisa Fifield said Friday she was happy to hear the flier might be a joke. “I’m hoping it’s a hoax,” Fifield said. “I’m still going to be cautious. I’m usually cautious anyway with the rattlesnakes and stuff they have around here.” Reach Bridget Jones at