Bud's Beat is not consistent

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I always look forward to reading  “Bud’s Beat,” even though I almost never agree with him. I had to laugh when I read a December column. He actually said, “I must be up front with you and admit I am a liberal.”  Like we did not know that, Bud. And now, of course, you will support Obama in his decision to send in an additional 30,000 troops over and above the troops he sent in earlier last year. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with Obama. We need to either go in and finish the job or get out. I just love to watch you squirm and try to support him no matter what he does. However. if George Bush had done this it would have been the end of the world according to you. Bud, if you are going to have a cause, be consistent no matter who is president. Gary Schackner, Rocklin