Bud's Beat

By: Bud Pisarek
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Remember the television news update show, “That Was The Week That Was?” Last week was certainly a week that was. Many people were on pins and needles waiting for the world to end. A Bay Area minister sent out the prediction, via his religious radio show, that the world would suffer devastating earthquakes, tornadoes and other severe weather conditions. He also stated that Christ would return to Earth. It was all to happen on Saturday, May 21, at precisely 6 p.m. Some of his ardent followers sold their properties and belongings and huddled together to await the happening. It didn’t happen. On Saturday, the appointed day, the sun rose as it has for thousands of mornings and later set at its prescribed time. Sunday’s newspaper headlines told the story: “Apocalypse not now,” and “Rapture a no-show; preacher flabbergasted.” The soothsayer is Harold Camping, an 89-year-old fundamentalist preacher, who spread the rapture story. His followers are more than flabbergasted; they are devastated. Camping isn’t the first to “predict” the coming of Christ or the end of the planet, but his audience was quite large and mainstream media gave him round-the-clock coverage. Will we hear from other messengers of the Apocalypse? I suppose so. The best advice I can give is to live one day at a time.