Bud's Beat

By: Bud Pisarek, Loomis News Correspondent
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Bud’s Beat. You can say that again. The title of this weekly “confessional” took on a different meaning after a long week in two area hospitals. Recuperation is progressing well, and, as I mentioned last week, the memories of the caregivers at Sutter Auburn Faith and Sutter Memorial help tremendously. At home now, the family members take over as caregivers. Two tykes, grandsons Kobe and Micha, came up with touching gestures to ease the trauma and pain. Kobe, 10, is weaving a wristband for my medical alert emblem and a necklace-type band to keep my eyeglasses close at hand. Micha, 8, used his talents as a budding artist to send me a large card depicting two angels discussing my situation. It follows: Angel 1: “Grandpa needs to get well. I don’t know what to do.” Angel 2: “I know what will make him feel better, love.” Angel 1: “I think he needs a card.” Angel 2: “I think he needs a sandwich. I’ll pay.” Angel 1: “He does not need a sandwich. I think he needs love and comfort.” Angel 2: “Stop crying you’re making a flood.” Angel 1: “I want to see him because I love him.” So, while you might need pain killers, vitamins or professional therapy when you’re ill, little tykes help, too! Right now, it's not Bud’s Beat. I’m UP BEAT.