Bud's Beat

By: Bud Pisarek, Loomis News Correspondent
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Boy, oh, boy! Man, oh, man! Did you see the sunrise at about 6 a.m. last Wednesday, March 30? It was fantastic — bright with some muted hues in all their glory against clouds of blues and grays. I viewed the whole episode from the fifth floor of Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento. What was I doing in Sutter Memorial Hospital? Oh, I was just hanging around waiting to receive a pacemaker. A couple of days before, my “ticker” had decided to cut out on me. After eight decades of pumping, it took a hiatus at both Auburn Faith and Sutter Memorial. I must say I am so grateful for the staff that put up with me. The doctors, nurses, aides and other helpers were top notch, to say the least. They included James, Teresa, Vince, Abby, Betty, Beth, Jenne, Sally, Celdonia and many others whose names escaped me. They came by all names and ethnic background, with one common denominator: love, compassion and their many skills as very caring caregivers. These dedicated people will always hold a special place in my new life and heart. A new life: That’s what made the sunrise so special that Wednesday morning. It indicated to me how life has certain cycles. My opus last week was about the almost “40 days and 40 nights” of rainy, overcast days that were starting to depress us all. I don’t know in the grand scheme of things why and who — a higher power, angels or Mother Nature — plans and figures out these things. But I do know that you have to add the name “caregiver” to the list.