Bud's Beat

By: Bud Pisarek, Loomis News Correspondent
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Time’s up! It’s to face the music and vote. We’ve been bombarded with political ads on TV, radio, newspapers, mailers and yard signs for the past 60 days. Time to get off the dime and make the move. In the Golden State we have several statewide races that have grave consequences. The governor’s race and the Senate race have been front and center on voters’minds because of the constant reminders by those aforementioned advertising blitzes. Former Governor Jerry Brown is attempting to be born again as leader of California. His challenger, billionaire Meg Whitman, has spent at least $140 million of her own money to become the first female leader of the country's largest state. On the Senate side, Barbara Boxer, a veteran elected official, is running against another newcomer to politics and another millionaire, Carly Fiorina. Brown and Boxer lead in several statewide polls As usual, there are several propositions on the ballot. There is one cutting the requirement for passage of the state’s budget from a two-thirds majority to a simple 50 percent. I don't think that will fly. Another measure is Prop. 19. It will legalize the growing and selling of marijuana. Another loser. Prop. 23, highly financed by out-of-state oil companies, would essentially wipe out the state’s program to reduce carbon emissions. The voters seem to be dialed in on this and should send the measure back into limbo. I am not a believer in propositions. I feel if the state’s legislators were doing their job, voters wouldn’t have to go through that exercise every two years. While I’m being ornery, I might mention my perpetual “bitch” about mail-in and absentee ballots. I feel we should all take the time to walk to our precinct voting place, visit and chat with our neighbors and vote. Make it a national holiday, perhaps with a tailgate party, and maybe the politicians supplying the cookies and coffee.