Bud's Beat

By: Bud Pisarek, Loomis News correspondent
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If you are a political junkie, as I am, are you confused, as I am, about the goings-on in the Republican Party? They ruled the roost for two Bush-Cheney presidential terms and now, since Obama was elected, have become the party of “No.” It’s is one thing, in a democracy, to be a loyal opposition party, but to just oppose every effort by the present administration without partaking in solving problems is ridiculous. What is the strategy of the GOP leaders? Better still, who is their leader? Many radio talk show hosts are noted by some pundits to be calling the shots for their favorites. They include, the big one, Rush Limbaugh, “far out” Glenn Beck, Mike Savage, Shawn Haggerty and others I don’t pay much attention to. Most GOP lawmakers are afraid to challenge declarations by the talking heads for fear of retaliation. Other would-be leaders come from the far right: evangelicals and a gabble of female aspirants such as Sister Sarah Palin, Michele Backman, and Nevada’s Sharron Angle. Former presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul and wanna-be candidate Newt Gingrich pop up with news releases that attempt to grab hold of the party’s leadership, but none of them have been able to win over rank-and-file party members. Why am I worried about the rival party’s leadership? I honestly believe in the two-party system and want the Republicans to get their act together and become partners in this system we call a democracy. Honest debate and interaction will once again bring the nation together instead of the usual name-calling and bickering that derail any progress for the good of all. I am not too confident that the GOP faithful will heed my advice but I’m going to give it anyway. Get in the swim of things. Find your soul and someone to lead you out of the negative position your party is in. You might start by taking a long look at Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts.