Bud's Beat

By: Bud Pisarek, Loomis News correspondent
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“My, how time flies.” That’s not an original saying. We’ve heard it many times. Mention the advent of a new year, a birthday, or anniversary, and someone in the crowd will repeat it. So, here we are, 2010. Go ahead and think it – My, how time flies. Where did 2009 go? It seems like yesterday that we were all awaiting for the inauguration of the new president to take place. This is also the time of the year when we try to make amends for the things we did do or didn’t do in the past. We make resolutions to stop smoking, drinking, or both. Diet pledges rank high on our lists. There are individuals and groups who like to make predictions for the approaching days ahead. Most wishes are for good and a better tomorrow. Of course, there’s that proverbial sign-carrying long beard who exclaims, “The end is near.” Politicos are saying there will be a big change in the make-up of Congress. Off-year elections usually go against those in power. Republicans are salivating with visions of multiple gains in the House and Senate. Wall Street speculators, as usual, are painting a pretty rosy scenario for the Market. Main Street hopes they’re right. In sports, the attention is focused on the future of their idol, Tiger Woods. Golf itself is on trial. In a few weeks, the nation will look forward to Obama’s State of the Union address. And, is there life after the Super Bowl? Let’s hope so. If we weather all that Mother Nature can toss at us, we will stumble on through winter, followed by the season of rebirth, which may have given us another saying, “Hope springs eternal.” The long hot nights of summer will quickly give way to back-to-school time and the return of the politicians. The World Series will soon follow. Did anyone predict that the Chicago Cubs would win the series? And then we will settle into the holiday season and throughout the land someone will be heard to say, “My, how time flies.”