Bud's Beat

Outcome of May 19 statewide election is crucial to education
By: Bud Pisarek, Loomis News Correspondent
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Let me tell you from the get-go that I am not a fan of state initiatives or propositions. I usually vote against them. I do that to send the elected officials, the legislators, a message. The message is for them to do their jobs or get out of the kitchen. This time around I will be voting for all of the five measures on the May 19 ballot. Our state is in a critical fork in the road and as a responsible voter I feel I have to do what our representatives can’t do. The state budget was delayed for months with both parties bickering about this and that while good projects went undone for lack of funding. What were they thinking? What seems to be the problem with initiatives is that the voting public is so miserably uninformed. The sample ballot statements, pro or con, seem so “legalese” they beg for more answers to what a person is really voting for or against. The special interest groups team up with the propaganda machines and bombard us with more confusion, and/or, mistrust. Two measures especially need support. Proposition 1A would put more money into the state budget reserve and put limits on how it can be spent. According to the state’s attorney, Jerry Brown, the state faces a monumental shortage of funds that threatens public safety and support for schools. He supports 1A. Proposition 1B is a companion measure that will help stabilize school funding. It requires the state to pay K-12 schools and community colleges $9.3 billion to make up for lower funding levels for the past two years. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa supports the measures, too. Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Francisco, is still another backer of 1A and 1B. These two mayors are announced candidates for California governor. Our present governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a strong proponent of the measures. Listen to the Terminator. Read up on all of the propositions, but, most of all, exercise your right to vote. That is Tuesday, May 19.