Bud's Beat

Summertime fun centered on baseball, July 4
By: Bud Pisarek, Loomis News Correspondent
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I always had mixed feelings about the Fourth of July. I didn’t want the summer to end. In my mind the midsummer holiday signaled the end of my favorite time of year was near. There were the fireworks, the hot dogs and watermelon, the parades. Little did I care what the politicians were saying on the soap boxes in the park after the parades. As a youngster, I was all baseball. I played it on the sand lots, watched it on the playgrounds and followed it play by play on radio or revisited it in the morning paper. By July 4 the best players in the big leagues were picked to play in the annual All-Star game. Heaven could wait. As a side bar, we always had events like following the hitting streak of Joe DiMaggio or the home runs by Hank Greenberg or Mickey Mantle. And while I never wanted the summers to end, they did. Now my heroes have changed, my outlook is different. Baseball, while still a favorite, takes a back seat. Now it’s the politician speaking on the stump that attracts me. I am more concerned with local, state, and national events and want future generations to be able to celebrate America’s birthday in peace and the promise of prosperity. So, from the batting averages of Ted Williams to the pitching heroics of Bob Feller, I have shifted my focus to what the candidates for president have to say. The two main political parties will convene in convention this summer and the debates will start. Listen, digest, and get ready to vote. It’s later than you think. It might be the most important vote you will ever make. Just, maybe, by electing the right leader, or leaders, we might be able to turn our attention to baseball or other interest of our own choice.