Bud's Beat

Someone needs to tell Hillary her time is up
By: Bud Pisarek, Special to the Loomis News
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The Republican Party, in the aftermath of Watergate, was in disarray. Their president was about to be impeached because of a second-rate burglary. It had started out to be a simple break-in by a group of bunglers, but it blossomed into one of this country’s most celebrated “Who done it?” suspense stories. Two dedicated Washington Post reporters, with the help of a shadowy “Deep Throat” informant, cracked open the case against a sitting President Richard M. Nixon. Months of cloak-and-dagger goings on came to an abrupt end when the investigation produced smoking-gun evidence and the president found himself in the middle of what has been called the Watergate cover-up. There surfaced recordings, taped by Nixon himself, which placed him in the middle of a conspiracy to obstruct justice. Nixon held his ground for several months as the probe into the affair went on. He proclaimed, once again, “I am not a crook.” The time had come for the leaders of the GOP to tell the emperor he had no clothes. Who would do it? Names surfaced as to who should give the prez the news. Resign or face an ugly, contentious impeachment that would tear the country apart. Senior Sen. Barry Goldwater was the logical choice to deliver the message to save face for the party and the nation. The message was delivered, Nixon resigned, Vice President Jerry Ford was sworn into office, and the party – and the nation – breathed a sigh of relief. Today, the Democrats find their party in a heart-wrenching situation. Certainly, not in the magnitude of the GOP’s problem with the cloud of impeachment, but definitely a predicament of party in-fighting over the nomination of their candidate for the presidency. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been going at each other for about 15 months, and some party leaders and constituents are worried about damage to the party and their chances of winning the White House in November. In a Newsweek magazine article last month, the authors asked, “Who will tell Hillary Clinton that the time has come to fold her tent?” Another suggested, “It ain’t over til it’s over.” But at some point soon, someone may have to not so gently tell Hillary time is up. Several decades ago the Republicans put country above politics. Can the Democrats do it?