Bike lanes needed, not NEV lanes

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Gary Liss supported $30,000 of taxpayer’ money for the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) study. But according to state law, every major road in Loomis would have to be modified for NEV lanes unless the speed limit is 30 mph – a safe speed. We already knew that. What Loomis really needs is walking and bike lanes that are connected, provided, and kept from becoming overgrown. Specifically, Horseshoe Bar Road south of the freeway desperately needs a bike and walking path. I have heard nothing but excuses for not getting this done. That’s a safety concern for our children getting to school. The ditch is the only safe haven for walkers and bikers when cars are moving at safe speeds. Nobody I know wants NEV lanes, but many are asking for safe walking and bike paths. Check Senate Transportation Bill SB-290 version 2/14/11. Note all these plans have been extended and most are provided by developers. Developers support NEV’s and golf cart lanes. Check it out. We need to vote Gary Liss off the Town Council in November and elect some levelheaded leaders instead. Vote for Dave Wheeler and Rhonda Morillas. Russ Kelley, Loomis