Big Brother is watching you

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“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!” Hopefully, you will be as dismayed as I was to hear on the news that in a small Long Island town the local authorities have the capability to peer into your backyard to check your pool permit. If this is true, where else can they check? Cameras are everywhere. Is it not enough that we have “fly overs” for tax purposes and aerial maps of our properties? Evidently not, for now in the name of “safety” we have the proposed “dash cam” bill. Perhaps, we should have cams in our homes, too, so that Big Brother may determine the cause of things. Heads up, America. Privacy is becoming a thing of the past. I shudder to think of all the decisions that Big Brother is making for us. I used to think that robots were only in movies and that books like the “Diary of Anne Frank” were written about one in a foreign country. But lately, I am not so sure. The quality of life depends on us or are we no longer the “we” in “we, the people”? Wendy Holt, Auburn