Auburn waitress scratches and wins $250,000

Lucky scratcher card bought around corner of Twin Dragon at 7-Eleven
By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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AUBURN CA - Lady Luck was smiling on an Auburn waitress Saturday when she bought a scratcher ticket and won $250,000. Ida Lam bought the winning ticket at the 7-Eleven on Auburn Ravine Road in Auburn, then scratched it at nearby Twin Dragon Chinese restaurant to reveal her win. Lam said Monday that despite the public setting, she couldn?t help getting excited about the $250,000 and shouting ?I just won big money!? Lam, who has worked at the Auburn restaurant for 12 years, said that she calmed down enough to call her husband and mother. ?Are you kidding?? was Lam?s mother?s incredulous reaction. Lam said that her plans for the money revolve around using some of it to pay off her house. Lam?s win came after playing the California Lottery Black Scratchers ticket. It offers 20 top prizes of $250,000 and Lam?s odds of winning were 1 in 1.2 million. Twin Dragon owner Ling Luu said Lam took time off from her regular waitressing job on Monday to travel to the lottery?s Sacramento district office to claim her winnings. Luu recalled a very exciting moment in the life of Lam and the restaurant. ?She was shaking,? Luu recalled. ?She?s really excited. She wants to pay off her house and car. And there will be money for her son to go to school.? But Luu said that Lam wants to continue to work at the restaurant. Customer Vilma Mosqueda said she was happy for Lam and hoping some of the luck will rub off on her. ?I?ll be coming in to touch her for luck,? Mosqueda said. At the 7-Eleven, general manager Brian Bedi said Lam?s win keeps up his store?s reputation for providing winning lottery and scratcher tickets. Every year, the location has three or four winners in the $10,000 to $12,000 range, he said. Lam said that she started playing the California Lottery Black Scratchers game and won $50 with her first ticket. About a month later, she struck the jackpot. ?And in July 2008, a customer picked five numbers in the Megamillions lottery and won $220,000,? Bedi said. ?I believe we?re a very good store for our customers.?