Auburn robber connected to eight other thefts

‘Posse Box Bandit’ believed to be 50-60 years old
By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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A man who robbed the Bank of America on High Street in Downtown Auburn Friday is being connected to eight other bank robberies. According to Sgt. Dave Lawicka of the Auburn Police Department, the man has worked his way from the Bay Area, through Placer County to Auburn. Police believe the man, who is now thought to be between 50 and 60 years old, reportedly robbed banks in Mountain View, Los Gatos, Menlo Park, Pacifica, San Jose, Daly City, Rocklin, Roseville and now Auburn, according to Lawicka. “We are basing that on similar likenesses in the surveillance videos (and) similar (methods of operation),” Lawicka said Wednesday. The man robbed the Auburn bank of an undisclosed amount of money late Friday morning. He escaped out the front door of the bank, but his mode of transportation is unknown, according to Lawicka. Police conducted a search in the area of Agard Street and Belmont Drive Friday afternoon. They found a tracking device that had been used in the search, but the robber managed to discard it. The man was last seen wearing a long-sleeved red button-down shirt and black Raiders cap. He also wore glasses and had white hair. He is still at large. The robber has been dubbed the “Posse Box Bandit.” A Posse Box is a brand and type of clipboard that has a storage container connected to the bottom of the board. He only used this board in his first robbery in Mountain View, Lawicka said. In a late July Roseville Press Tribune report, it was stated that a man fitting the Posse Box Bandit’s description robbed a River City Bank on Douglas Boulevard. Surveillance photos show the man wearing a white dress shirt, tie and black Raiders cap. Lawicka said police don’t believe this man is the same one who robbed a Wells Fargo Bank in North Auburn Saturday after passing the teller a note that said he had a bomb. “They don’t look like the same guy,” Lawicka said. Lawicka said during the robbery at Auburn’s Bank of America, the man showed the teller a note claiming he had a gun. There is no information about the gun or if the robber actually had one, because he never showed it. Lawicka said the man has dressed in a similar fashion in previous robberies. “(He has worn) a similar dress shirt, but not the same,” Lawicka said. “(He) usually (wears) a hat, sometimes the same one, but (it’s) not consistent.” Residents who saw anything suspicious on the day of the robbery or who have any information are encouraged to call Detective Adam Cline at (530) 823-4237, ext. 238 Reach Bridget Jones at