Auburn residents could face charges after accidental shooting

By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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What started out as an accidental shooting investigation could result in charges against two Auburn residents. At 8:49 p.m. Friday Auburn Police officers took a report that Pacific Avenue resident Kevin Espley’s wife, Heidi Espley, accidentally shot him in his calf with a pistol, according to Detective Scott Alford. According to the police, Espley’s wife, Heidi Espley, made the 911 call Friday evening. Upon investigation, officers found Kevin Espley is a former felon and isn’t supposed to have firearms or ammunition in his home, Alford said. “That (original) story was a cover-up,” Alford said. Five handguns were found in the Espleys’ home, none of which were registered in the state of California. Officers also found a revolver that was designed to shoot a shotgun round, an illegal weapon in California. Both Espleys are potentially facing charges. Kevin Espley’s charges could include a former felon being in possession of guns and ammunition. Auburn Police are leaving the potential filing of charges up to the Placer County District Attorney’s Office, because there was no violent crime, Alford said. Alford said the department isn’t sure what led up to the shooting, but Heidi Espley did not shoot the gun. “She is not the one who pulled the trigger,” Alford said. “She is only involved because they are her firearms. She purchased them as far as we know.” Alford said gun owners have 60 days to register firearms in California, and Heidi Espley may not have been living in the state for a full 60 days. If she has been and has failed to register the guns, she could be facing charges for that as well as owning the illegal revolver, Alford said. “If it is her gun, the charge would be against her for that as well as not properly transferring the guns to California and registering them here,” he said. Kevin Espley was transferred to Sutter Roseville Hospital for surgery and is recovering from the wound, according to Alford. Reach Bridget Jones at