Auburn process server speaks out about alleged assault

Temporary restraining order filed Friday
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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An Auburn process server says she plans on returning to work next week after being allegedly assaulted by a man who she had previously served with eviction papers. Nicolas Mark Stenberg, 30, of Auburn, allegedly shot her with an air soft gun, pelted her with rocks, smashed her car window and smeared mud on her face Wednesday morning when she tried to serve his girlfriend with her set of the eviction papers at a home on the 10000 block of Mt. Vernon Road in Auburn. On Wednesday he was arrested by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Kathy Stevenson, the alleged victim and owner of Gotcha Process Service, said during a press conference Friday at the Auburn Justice Center that she has filed a temporary restraining order against Stenberg, who posted his $25,000 bail yesterday. During the press conference Stevenson said she wore dark sunglasses to hide her face for fear that someone connected with the incident would seek retaliation. Later when she removed the glasses a black eye, cuts and bruising on her face and a laceration on her hand were visible, all allegedly administered by Stenberg. “I’m pretty shaken up. It’s the first actually bad serve I have come across,” Stevenson said. Stevenson, who has been working as a process server for a year, said she sprayed Stenberg with Mace when she saw him come out of the garage with an air soft gun that looked like an AK-47 rifle. She said if there were any features that distinguished it was air soft gun, such as a colored tip, she didn’t notice them. “It looked like a rifle. The thought passed through my mind, ‘I’m dead. This is not good,’ Stevenson said. “He proceeded to shoot me in the back as I ran toward my vehicle and I Maced him.’ Rather than immobilize him, Stevenson said the Mace seemed to make Stenberg angrier. As she was trying to drive away from the home, she said he allegedly smashed her window in with the butt of the gun, proceeded to throw golf ball-sized rocks at her and reached through the car window to smear mud on her face. She was eventually able to drive off the property and called the Placer County Sheriff’s Office. In an initial report police said Stenberg claimed an identified woman trespassed onto his property and Maced him, but after taking a call from Stevenson moments later police realized she was his process server and he had allegedly threatened her first. Stevenson said she was hired to serve the couple eviction notices for a home located on Old Dude Road in Auburn by their landlord. They had been living at the residence off of Mt. Vernon Road for about three months while repairs were being made at the other home. Most of their belongings were still at the home on Old Dude Road, she said. She said when she served Stenberg the evening before she didn’t notice any signs of violence. After talking with other process servers Stevenson said she may invest in a personal Taser before going back to work. She said her only message to Stenberg would be to refrain from having any contact with her, whether by himself or someone he knows. Stevenson said she is moving forward with pressing charges against Stenberg for assault with a deadly weapon. Dena Erwin, spokesperson for the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, said Stenberg’s court date will be in a couple of weeks. “I am a strong woman. I would say, ‘yes, I am mentally strong enough,” Stevenson said. Just taking time, taking deep breaths. (I) might have to seek a little bit of counseling. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Reach Sara Seyydin at, or follow her on Twitter @AJ_News.