Auburn man sentenced to six months in jail after fraud case

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A man arrested for check fraud will be spending some time in a jail cell. Judge Colleen Nichols sentenced Auburn resident Jerod Duane Williams, 24, Friday to six months in jail and three years probation, according to Art Campos, spokesman for the Placer County District Attorney’s Office. Campos said Williams pleaded no contest to one count of possessing counterfeit apparatus. Williams’ other charges of commercial burglary, forgery and check forgery were dismissed. The charges stem from several incidents where Williams was allegedly fraudulently cashing checks from Wave Broadband after his employment was terminated. Williams was arrested three additional times in less than a week for a variety of crimes such as posing as a Wave Broadband employee to receive goods and services after his termination and making fake checks that appeared to be from a company in New Jersey. Williams was also allegedly getting job-seekers to send him their personal identification information by posing as a representative from several companies. Campos said several conditions of Williams’ probation include giving up his computer and associated equipment, using computers for school and work only, not harassing the victims in the case, counseling, maintaining employment, submitting to search and seizure and not associating with people deemed unacceptable by his probation officer. Williams must also pay a $270 fine and $1,223 in restitution to the Cash Club, where he allegedly tried to pass fraudulent checks, Campos said. Both the prosecutor and defense attorney on the case declined to comment Monday about the sentencing. ~Bridget Jones