Anything is possible for 2012 Del Oro graduates

By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Editor
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High school graduation is one of the most exciting times for a young person. One chapter in life is closing and another is about to begin. For graduates it is a time when anything is possible and whatever you imagine or dream, you can become - president of the United States, Broadway star, pro athlete, doctor, business owner. It could happen. The possibilities make one giddy. A graduate's boundless optimism and unbridled enthusiasm is a bright elixir that if bottled could cure a thousand ills. Grownups attend countless graduation ceremonies and parties to share in that "anything is possible" moment in life. They're even pleased to "pay" for that attendance with monetary gifts placed in cheery cards. For the Del Oro High School Class of 2012, anything really is possible. This is a competitive group of young people with a vibrant spirit and just a hint of the mischievous in them. They are athletes and academics, musicians, actors, dancers, artists, leaders and doers. These young people have been raised by a small town that thinks it's a big family, and in kindergarten to eighth-grade schools where the first teacher they ever had is still around to wish them well when they move on to high school. They've been raised by families who chose to bring them up in a small, rural town instead of a big city. Many of the graduates have been active in local churches and their first jobs have been experienced at local businesses. They've been encouraged, coached and mentored by local parents as they played youth sports, or participated in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or 4H. They've spent four years in a high school that is the heart of this community. Del Oro's teachers and staff love what they do and their contagious enthusiasm is shared with their students. The school has again turned out well-rounded young adults that are prepared to take on the challenges of life. Most of the graduates will spend the summer around Loomis before heading out to colleges and universities near and far where they will represent our little town very well. We've given them all we could to prepare them for the big world and now it's up to them. They will take a piece of the Black and Gold with them, a piece of this community and a little piece of us - the ones who helped raise them. We hope they will all go on to do great and important things and if not, we hope they will do something that has meaning and purpose and makes the world a better place. Don't forget us Class of 2012, we will always remember you.