Actions speak loudly

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Over the weekend I attended the Eggplant Festival. I started at the fire station with a great pancake breakfast. Fire Chief Dave Wheeler was there serving and visiting with a guest. I later came across Dave Wheeler doing a cooking demonstration at the festival. I admit that I was very confused. After his cooking demonstration, I asked, "Are you the same Dave Wheeler who is running for Town Council? I have not heard you mention a word about running today.” His answer was simple, "Yes, but today I represent Loomis Fire and not myself." Sometimes it's what the candidate doesn't say, but what they do that speaks the loudest. In contrast I spoke with Gary Liss, he only spoke of how bad Dave Wheeler would be for Loomis. Somehow I know in my heart the things Mr. Liss was saying were untrue. Dave Wheeler sealed the deal for me. I'll be voting for him and not Gary Liss. Sid Kelly, Loomis