Loomis kids donate proceeds from lemonade stand

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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Some bright young whippersnappers raised money for a good cause Tuesday morning in Loomis.

Riley Collins, 12, and her brothers, Reid, 10, and Rocco 8, sold lemonade and homemade cookies on the corner of Horseshoe Bar Road and Val Verde Road in Loomis at their “Lemonade for Love” stand.

All proceeds that day are being donated to help sick and injured animals, according to an inside source, Grandma Becky Hansen.

Riley will donate the earnings to a local veterinary office (Rocklin Road Animal Hospital) to help residents who can't afford to pay for their pets’ care, according to Hansen.   

“We are so proud of her for all the work Riley did (creating signs, baking the treats, making the lemonade and setting up the stand,” Hansen said. “Her brothers were very helpful and we think they also did a great job.”   

Riley Collins told Gold Country Media why she organized the fundraiser.

“My dog, Sky, has cancer so it really inspired me to go out there and help others who have sick animals,” Riley said. “Everyone really enjoyed the lemonade and baked snacks. One person even turned around and donated more money after getting some lemonade.”

After a slow start, the three siblings toughed it out and the Loomis community heard about the lemonade stand and the reason behind it.

The three youngsters raised more than $300 Tuesday for their cause.