Life in the Bike Lane column

May is Bike Month

By: Tom Frady
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It comes around every year about this time, May that is. Along with “May and May flowers” comes “May is Bike Month.”

The idea of May is Bike Month is to encourage everyone to get on a bike and ride. I suggest you to go to for the Sacramento area website. There, you will find all sorts of great information about the 31-day event. 

There are links to websites about improving bike facilities in your area, promoting the use of bikes for commuting and recreation, and bike safety.  “Bike to Work Day” is May 18, which is on a Friday. Folks who live and work in Lincoln have it easy with no hills. 

There is a link on the home page, under “resources” showing all the bike paths and bike lanes in the area to help you plan some rides.

If you have the ability to load some bikes in a vehicle, Miner’s Ravine and Antelope Creek bike trails are worth the drive. Of course, the real gem in the area is the American River Bike Trail, which is more than 30 miles from Beals Point to Old Sacramento, with many places to get on and off. 

The most fun part of the website, I think, is logging miles you ride during the month. The site makes it easy to add up recreational, commute, replacement and errand miles. You pledge to ride a certain amount of miles during the month. You can also challenge co-workers, friends and family to join you. The goal set for the area is two million miles. 

More than 1,558,000 miles were ridden last year and, as of this writing, about 4,500 riders have signed up and pledged 900,000-plus miles. 

If you haven’t ridden in a long while, my suggestion is you set an achievable goal, say 103.6 miles for the month. Now, even the avid cyclist can’t ride every day so why don’t you pledge to ride 19 of 31 days?  That breaks down to just 5.45263158 very doable miles per ride. 

Of course, my hope is you will enjoy it so much that you will keep riding.  Grab the kids, too. They’ll love being “on the road” with you.  Be sure to set a good example by stopping at stop signs and wearing a helmet. 

The May is Bike Month organizers also hope you will keep riding or ride more than you have been. You will reduce your carbon foot print and make yourself healthier. It’s a win-win. 

Tom Frady is a Lincoln resident and avid cyclist and driver.