4 pounds of marijuana found in traffic stop

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Rocklin Police found 4.25 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop. About 9:15 a.m. Nov. 7, a Rocklin Police officer conducted a traffic stop on a pickup truck for a traffic violation. During the stop, the officer found the driver, Brian Kirk, to have a suspended driver’s license. According to Rocklin Police, the officer informed Kirk that he was no longer licensed to drive and instructed Kirk to leave his vehicle parked. Suspicious that Kirk would disregard the warning and drive, the officer requested assistance to the area to monitor the situation. A short time later, Kirk entered his vehicle and drove away, according to police. The officers conducted another traffic stop and arrested Kirk for driving on a suspended license. During the vehicle search, officers found a suitcase and glass jars full of marijuana that amounted to approximately 4.25 pounds. Kirk was subsequently arrested and transported to the Placer County Jail where he was booked for transportation and possession of marijuana. ~Staff report