Reader says we need to remember what happened in the past

By: Frank G. Van Sant
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I have just read the two articles concerning Nazi memorabilia (Feb. 1 front page, Nazi items in area store sparks local concerns” and page 4, “Our View, Promoting Nazi memorabilia has no place in today’s society”) being sold at local antique shops. It made me start to think about what our world has come to with regard to our history of the United States in our country and the world. People want to erase everything that reminds them of some of the worst times in their lifetime, hoping that it will all go away. This is evident with the Confederate flag of the South with regard to slavery and now with destroying everything that has to do with Nazism during World War II.

I don’t condone what the Nazis did to the Jews nor do I condone what happened with the slaves in the South as it is was wrong in my opinion but it has taught some of us that there are two sides to every story of the events and we need to understand how it happened. We as a people need to see what happened in the past to understand how it helps us to get to where we are today and hopefully don’t make the same mistake that was made back then.

What I don’t like are people who want to destroy everything that is associated with something that is bad that happened 70-plus years (Holocaust) or 150-plus years (Civil War) ago, thinking that it will all go away, that it never happened.

I come from a family that has served in the Civil War, Spanish American War, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm. I understand that bad things happen which are not good but that they are still part of our heritage of our country and what our country stands for in the world.

Frank G. Van Sant, Lincoln