Jan Clark-Cret chooses Bonnie London as Planning Commissioner appointee

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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Jan Clark-Crets chose library board trustee and library advocate Bonnie London to take her  Loomis Planning Commission seat.

Clark-Crets won a Loomis Town Council seat in the Nov. 6 election and takes office on Dec. 11.

So Clark Crets had to appoint someone to fill in her Planning Commission seat.

“I am very pleased to announce that Bonnie London has agreed to be my appointment for Loomis Planning Commissioner,” Clark-Crets said. “Bonnie is a very dynamic lady who will bring much to the table for our town. There were multiple reasons why I wanted Bonnie for our Planning Commission.”

Clark-Crets highlighted London's intellect and ability to lead.

“Not only is she already a responsible community leader, she is also extremely intelligent and very detail-oriented, which will bode well for her appointment on the Commission,” Clark Crets said. “I find Bonnie to be extremely thorough and careful in her undertakings. She is driven by her scientific background in nursing. Bonnie has a great sense of level-headedness and is fair- minded with a good dose of curiosity.”

And London “has an immense depth of knowledge” about Loomis, according to Clark-Crets.

“She has such a great breadth of knowledge in many areas. Our Loomis community, local and national politics, economic development and current events, just to name a few,” Clark-Crets said. “Currently, she is on the Board of Trustees for the Loomis library and over the years has worked tirelessly for our library. In addition, Bonnie is very civic-minded and is a member of the League of Placer County Women Voters who organized our candidate forum this fall. I am so grateful Bonnie accepted my appointment because I know our town will be greatly served by her.”

London could be appointed Tuesday at the regular Loomis Town Council meeting. There is also a special council meeting Monday, where council is expected to vote on the proposed Village at Loomis development.

“I’m deeply honored and humbled to be asked by Jan Clark-Crets to serve as her Planning Commission appointee,” London said. “The Loomis Town Council needs to vote on this, but if approved, I’m committed to serve with honesty, integrity and humility. I will work hard and do my due diligence for the betterment of our community and the people of Loomis.”