Sheriff deputies and future Loomis mayor speak to residents at the Library

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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The November Loomis Town Talks hosted by the Loomis Library and Community Learning Center featured the incoming Loomis mayor and two Placer County Sheriff’s Office members. Before they were asked questions by the audience, the three guests addressed the Loomis residents.

Deputy Eric Hintze. Hintze from the Placer County Sheriff’s Office grew up in Grass Valley and attended Bear River High School. After spending five years in the military as a Marine, Hintze went back to college.

“I went back to college, and believe me, I spent every dime of my GI bill,” Hintze said.

Hintze’s career with the Sheriff’s Office took him to Loomis in 2009.

“I do work traffic here in Placer County, so I’m sorry but I do give out tickets,” Hintze jokingly told residents. “This is where I want to work and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Loomis resident Bonnie London, also a library board of trustees, asked Hintze if theft should be a concern for Loomis residents.

“Theft is always going to happen,” Hintze said. “We are lucky to live in a place like Loomis because we don't have a lot of high-scale robberies. But you still have to lock your doors at night.”

Sgt. Jason Davis, who grew up in Placer County, has worked in law enforcement for both Placer County and Roseville.

“Wearing this green uniform for Placer County is the best job I’ve ever had,” Davis said. “It's a privilege to serve this great community.”

Davis also spoke about crime in the area and how Placer County serves as a deterrent for many high-profile criminals.

“I remember when I was on our SWAT team, we were setting up an undercover deal where some Bay Area-affiliated Asian gang was expecting to engage in a major gun transaction deal in our county,” Davis said. “We then got word that the leader of that gang canceled it because they knew they would get ‘hammered’ if they came into Placer County.”  

Residents asked the deputies about homelessness in Loomis.

“When I first started here in 2009, we had three or four continuous transients in Loomis,” Hintze said. “Since then, they have all moved on.”

Loomis Town Councilman and incoming Mayor Tim Onderko gave an update on new downtown activity.

“It's fitting that this is happening here at the library, the same library that this town chose to save,” Onderko said. “Ten years ago, people were being laid off scrambling for money and budgets were being reassembled. Now, the economy is looking good. A lot is going on like Costco and the Village at Loomis.”

Onderko informed residents about other projects happening in Loomis.

“We’ve got little projects going on in downtown right now. I’m excited for the Star Liquor and what that project will look like. We have W&W molding; the town owns that property. I’m hoping that might turn into a nice restaurant or small business.”

Some nearby downtown centers are ahead of the curve, according to Onderko.

“A lot of these small cities like Nevada City and Grass Valley are ahead of the curve,” Onderko said. “For us (Loomis), we’re getting there.”   

Onderko was asked when the Village at Loomis will be on the Town Council meeting’s agenda for a vote.

“I don’t want to schedule something without the full analysis,” Onderko said. “Right now, staff has the latest revisions and they are currently analyzing those documents (in terms of bringing it to a vote). I want to see the process wrap up.”