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Thank you, every candidate, for running

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The local election season is almost over, as the Placer County Elections Office has until Dec. 6 by election code to audit all ballots and release official race results.

That means no more annoying political robocalls (automated telephone calls with recorded messages).

The robotexts from overly friendly candidates’ supporters telling you to vote for their choice have stopped.

Probably no one’s happier that the Nov. 6 election is over here, however, than the 133 candidates running for 46 Placer County offices, plus those residents behind seven local measures. Another 68 local races had 110 candidates, who were automatically appointed to office because no one else ran in those races, according to County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters Ryan Ronco.

Placer County candidates ran for council seats, school board seats, water agency races, among other seats.

It’s not easy running for office. Candidates campaigned during lunch break, after work and on weekends. They posted political signs and walked neighborhoods, knocking on strangers’ doors, for an opportunity to serve the community for little or no pay.

In running for office, the candidates volunteered to place a huge part of their lives on hold. Elected candidates spend many hours of the week reading a variety of documents as they prepare for regularly-held and special meetings. It’s hours that they could have spent with family and friends or on hobbies and work activities, instead of researching possible consequences affecting their agencies.

Plus the elected officials, in representing us, must make instantaneous decisions at meetings on complex issues that started years and even decades ago before they ran for office. They are often criticized by residents who don’t understand all of an issue’s facets behind the decision.

Congratulations to all the candidates who won seats in the Nov. 6 election.

To all the other candidates, thank you for running. We are grateful that you carved time out of your busy schedule the last few months to help your community by running for office. Not many residents will do that.

As candidates get back to their everyday routines and the midterm election becomes a recent memory for them, we want each candidate to know we appreciate their efforts.

It takes a certain amount of guts to run and a strong willingness to help the community.

All candidates should be recognized for wanting to help their neighbors.